The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014, dir. Wes Anderson)

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ARGUS, the many-eyed demi-god, is a psychic-type mystical fighter who specializes in paralyzing her opponents with her gaze and holding them in crippling mental pain. Nearly impossible to sneak up on, she maintains a vigilant defense against physical attacks with evasive hovering, as any contact with her eye-covered body can do serious damage. The large eye on her forehead, when opened, casts a heavily destructive wide beam of light, but it forces all of Argus’s other eyes closed and leaves her vulnerable for the duration. An orbiting shroud covers the eye until she needs its power. Fighters that want to take on Argus should employ blinding techniques: bright flashes of light, obstructive smoke, or sprays of ink. While impervious to attacks of willpower, physical attacks can bring Argus down easily if fighters manage to blind all of her eyes.

Okay, now come up from that deep dark pool of nerdiness…this is Argus, my submission to Jenn Woodall’s latest anthology zine, FIGHT! Round 1! It features many talented illustrators the likes of Kali Ciesemier, Sam Bosma, Jimmy Giegerich, Valentin Seiche + more, and it’s gonna be rad as hell.

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Mel Tow

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